Services We Offer

Connecting the Mind & Body

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Strength Program Development

At Home & Gym Workouts

Every program is designed specifically using the equipment a client has at home or at their local gym.


Workouts + Nutrition Guidance + Lifestyle

3 & 6 Month Commitments


One study suggests that it takes on average 60+ days for a new behavior to become automatic and 9+ months for that automatic behavior to become a  habit. 

Our goal is for our clients to make small changes that lead to lifestyle changes.

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"I have been training with Keri for over 5 years both at a local gym and then my home gym.  She has been great.  Has kept me accountable, she listens to me and motivates me and not only tailored my workouts to my goals but kept me accountable.  In addition, she changes up my routine so it never gets stale or predictable.  She introduced me to a dietician and has worked with her in helping me to tailor and change my regimen so I wouldn't plateau.  I have lost 70 pounds, my blood work has improved along with strength and my outlook in life.  I would highly recommend Keri if you are looking for a trainer that not only cares about you but will work with you to achieve your goals.

Jeff Z, In-Home Client